Top 10 Tips For Winter Grounds Maintenance

The Christmas and New Year festivities have passed, it’s often cold and bleak outside, and you’re willing Spring closer with every day that passes. But before Spring arrives you need to make sure (whether it’s in your own garden or your business’s grounds) to keep on top of winter maintenance, in preparation for that early season growth.

Here are our top tips for maintenance for the winter months:

  1. This is a great time of year to weed pathways and jet-wash stonework, likewise deal with any moss that has grown over the course of the autumn.
  2. This is also a great time to finally get rid of any leaves that are still hanging on after accumulating for the last three months. Pay special attention to lawn areas as decaying leaves will damage the grass.
  3. If there is a large snowfall, get out into the garden and dust plants down that are under snow, relieving any pressure on leaves, branches etc.
  4. January is a time to prune apple and pear trees if you have them.
  5. Don’t forget to keep putting water and food out for hungry birds.
  6. Remember not to walk on frosty grass as this will burn or scorch the grass and the grass will appear to be black and have brown footprints after a while.
  7. Watch your lawn areas for signs of waterlogging, as the weather gets wetter. If the lawn is looking particularly wet, you can help to alleviate the situation, by spiking the lawn with a garden fork or mechanical aerator.
  8. Mole activity will increase in January and February due to mating and nest building. Remove the largest hills and re-firm before reseeding in spring.
  9. Snow mould may be a problem in wet weather, particularly on overfed and lush lawns that have been left a bit too long. Algae can also be a problem on lawns where there is poor drainage, excessive shade, or under the drip-line of trees.
  10. February is the time to prune larger shrubs such as Buddleja, Cornus and Cotinus. It is also the time of year and to look out for (and look after) flowering Snowdrops and Crocuses making sure they are clear of any foliage and/or debris.