TNT, UPS, CEVA, Hellmann, Yusen, DSV – is your logistics company next?

Shed Grounds Maintenance has grown from a zero client base in 2003, to now maintaining over 190 sites for more than 120 clients on a nationwide basis. The best way to explain this rapid expansion is to look at one industry area that Shed serves particularly well – logistics.

Shed won a contract in 2009 for TNT Nottingham, and quickly added the Head Office at Atherstone and 7 depots to the portfolio. Since then TNT have continued to award Shed with one site after another and they now have contracts in place for 25 TNT depots across the country.

Progression has been similar with another logistics client CEVA Logistics. After a TNT site changed hands to CEVA in Dordon, Shed continued to maintain the site. A few months later Shed were awarded a contract for CEVA Mendlesham and have since taken on an additional 15 sites. With a portfolio to nearly 20 sites nationwide, this a real testament to the quality and reliability of the service Shed delivers.

When asked about why Shed has seen such an expansion within the logistics industry, Peter Botham – Managing Director replies,

‚’We do the basics well, we provide a good quality of service at a competitive price. We are always reliable which often is a bug bear for facilities managers, and we react quickly to any concerns our client may have.’

He goes on to say that,

‚’Grounds maintenance is not a glamorous industry and a lot of people don’t notice what we do, however this is great for Facilities Managers who just want to sign the contract and forget about it so they can focus on the more fluid aspects of their sites and buildings that they have to monitor daily.’

He sums up by saying,

‚’Facilities Managers don’t want to be chasing up companies to see if they have visited the site or not, or even worse, chasing up companies who have carried out poor work on site. No grounds maintenance company can ever be 100% perfect but we pride ourselves on being agile and being able to respond quickly to any issues that arise’.

Linda Wild Real Estate & Property Services Administration Manager at TNT echoes these sentiments:

‚’Shed Grounds Maintenance tend and maintain approximately 25 of TNT’s main depots throughout the UK and have carried out numerous ‘one off’ works at many other sites. I have found them pleasant and polite to deal with and they have a professional attitude in their approach. Once contracts are agreed and in place you can forget about it as you know the job will get done! Highly recommend.’

These are comments that are corroborated by many of Shed’s clients when surveyed at the end of each year ‚ in the 2016 survey 100% of Shed’s clients would recommend them as a Grounds Maintenance Contractor.



To speak to Peter regarding any grounds maintenance issues you may be having please feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn: