outsource winter gritting

5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Outsource Winter Gritting

Many companies attempt to take on the task of gritting their own premises themselves until it becomes clear that it may not be as simple as first thought. Here’s five great reasons why you should always outsource winter gritting to an approved contractor.

Get better value for money

When businesses look at taking their winter maintenance in house they often underestimate the costs. There is the cost of the equipment, then the cost of getting the materials, cost of training the staff how to use the equipment, and then you have the costs of servicing and maintaining the equipment. It makes far more sense to pay a flat fee for each visit for a contractor to use the latest equipment with highly trained and qualified staff.

Best weather forecasting tools

Too busy to keep checking the forecasts every day to see if one of your staff will be out with a bag of grit and a shovel in the morning? Not sure whether a predicted temperature of 1‚ÑÉ will mean there will be a ground frost or not? Or maybe you checked the weather forecast in the morning only for it to change late in the afternoon leaving and icy and dangerous workplace conditions in the morning? Winter gritting contractors have the latest dedicated Road Surface Temperature (RST) forecasting systems. These tools are usually only available via subscription, provide the most accurate readings and require experienced operators to correctly interpret the data.

There when you need them

Most, if not all, winter gritting contractors offer an ‘opt-out’ service, they will assess the temperatures and latest weather forecasts for you and will automatically come and perform winter gritting unless you specifically instruct them otherwise. This is perfect for those busy days where you have been too busy to check the weather forecast, been out of the office, or simply forgot to check. It also means that if you feel the temperatures will rise enough before the start of the working day you can opt-out, making sure no unnecessary winter gritting takes place.

Help to protect your business from injury claims

When cold weather arrives and surfaces become icy there is always the danger someone will fall and injure themselves. If you do the winter gritting in-house, don’t grit on a cold morning, and an accident occurs‚ you can expect a personal injury claim to be heading your way. When you hire an external contractor to handle the gritting and the worst happens they can usually help in any injury claims by providing you with important data proving you did everything you could to avoid an accident.

Use of the latest equipment

When you outsource winter gritting, you reap the benefits by getting your surfaces treated by the best and most advanced equipment in the industry. Companies cannot be cost effective by investing in cutting edge equipment, only for it to be used occasionally during the winter. This cost becomes even more acute if the business has multiple sites spread across the UK. For winter maintenance contractors, investing in the latest equipment and technology is a necessity. Most contractors will have a wide range of equipment and you should have no trouble finding one with the equipment that suites your needs.

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