How to Maintain Your Lawn During Winter

As winter advances and the cold and long nights start to take hold, there are a few tasks which you can undertake to protect your lawn during these months of cold weather.

Your Lawn and Frosts

The first thing to watch for is the frosts. You can damage your lawn if you walk on the frozen grass without allowing it to thaw properly first. If you carelessly walk all over your lawn whilst it is frozen you can end up with brown footprint-shaped marks in the grass, which is certainly not a good look.

Make sure to always allow the temperature to rise before stepping on your lawn, and avoid doing it at all unless absolutely necessary on days where the temperature doesn’t reach above freezing.

Clear Up Stubborn Leaves

Secondly, although you may have already done the bulk of the grunt work with your leaves it is important to get out there again and clear up the remainder of the leaves as there are often many that still fall in December.

Uncollected leaves can badly damage the grass by blocking out light and moisture. Which, without action being taken, can result in bare patches on your lawn.

Avoid Waterlogged Lawns

Finally, this tends to be one of the wettest periods of the year and you need to watch for waterlogging and standing surface water on your grass. This can cause problems such as the spread of moss and algae which will overtake the grass in places.

You can remedy the situation by taking a garden fork and spiking the surface, leaving 10 ‚ 15cm holes which will allow for better drainage. You can also use lawn aerators and roll them across your grass in a similar pattern to how you mow during the summer months. This should help to prevent over-saturation and help your lawn dry quicker after extreme weather events.

Keep an eye on all aspects of the garden during the winter months as it is not just the lawn that will require protection. If you follow the advice above, you should be able to see your lawn through the winter in good condition and then you can start to get ready for the Spring and the first cut of the year.