Cases of More Invasive Strain of Japanese Knotweed are on the Rise

Although the hybrid of Japanese Knotweed, known as Hybrid Knotweed or Bohemian Knotweed, has been known about for a while now, cases of the weed spreading are said to be on the rise. The plant is created through the cross fertilisation of the common Japanese Knotweed and Giant Knotweed, and is said to be more invasive than both parent plants. It is found along riverbanks and roadways, growing up to 4 meters tall, much larger than the traditional Japanese Knotweed.

While both Japanese knotweed and the Hybrid Knotweed have
been known about for around the same amount of time, Bohemian Knotweed is not
always recognised and has been allowed to spread and has become a lot more
vigorous in its growth than its parent plant. It has now been found that in
areas where the Hybrid knotweed are common, there are signs of fertile seed production
for the Bohemian Knotweed plant. This may mean that there is further rapid
growth of these hybrid plants on the horizon.

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