How you can create bird-friendly spaces

We’re right in the middle of the bird nesting season. From the end of March right the way through to September, the birds are nesting in trees, gardens, and green spaces across the country. 

So, it’s the perfect time to think about how you can keep your grounds bird-friendly. Regardless of your budget, there’s lots of ways in which you can create spaces for the birds to enjoy.

This blog post is dedicated to helping you encourage more birds to flock to your grounds. This extra effort is a great way to do your bit to support British wildlife, plus bird song is a beautiful addition to any outdoor area. Even the addition of a simple bird box will make a lovely addition to your employees’ outdoor lunch spot. 

Below, you’ll find five of our favourite examples of bird-friendly spaces, as well as our top tips for keeping them in pristine condition. 

  1. Wall climbers 

Wall climbing plants provide birds with lots of perching spots to choose from. 

You’ll soon see a little community of birds taking advantage of these plants. They’re a great multi-use space, as wall climbers provide great shelter during wet weather, a site for birds to roost comfortably, and also a potential area for breeding. 

  1. Bushes and hedgerows

Within a bush or hedgerow, there’s ample space for birds to live. They will delight in the abundance of natural materials, which they can use to build nests, and the insects that they can feast on.  

The other reason why birds are so fond of bushes and hedgerows is that they provide a fantastic shelter, which keeps them safe from both stormy weather and any potential predators. 

It’s not just birds who will enjoy these spaces – hedgehogs also love to take shelter in bushes and hedgerows. 

  1. Plants and trees at different heights

Try adding plants and trees which more closely resemble the way they’d look in the natural world (i.e. at different heights and sizes). This gives birds and wildlife loads of choice for space, to suit exactly what they’re looking for. 

Birds need natural spaces to suit lots of different purposes. So, by providing greenery at a range of different heights, you can make sure the birds feel happy and comfortable there.

  1. Evergreen conifer trees

Remember, the birds need spaces all year round. But, when the leaves fall, they’re left with very little choice for spots. 

So, by including evergreen trees in your grounds, you can make sure they always have a shelter to use.

  1. Bird boxes 

These sweet boxes come in a huge range of different styles and price points, so you’ll easily find something to suit your grounds’ existing aesthetic. 

Bird boxes make safe and secure spots for birds to make their nests. Be sure to position it high up, and away from anywhere where you can anticipate a lot of loud noise or lots of people. This will help the birds to feel safe and comfortable here. 

Keeping the birds’ home pristine 

It’s important that you give the bird box a thorough clean every year, because parasites or fleas (which may have been brought in when the nest was being made) will continue to live there, and could harm the baby birds which hatch there the year after. 

If you’re wondering how to clean out your bird boxes, the RSPB website has a handy guide to help you out.  

When it comes to cleaning the bird boxes in the Autumn, the key things to remember are: 

  • Wait till after September, and only when you’re sure that the birds have definitely moved out. 
  • Empty the box, and then use boiling water to clean it. This will ensure that any parasites in the box are removed. 
  • Do not use any chemicals, including insecticides or flea powder. 
  • After cleaning, you could add a handful of clean wood shavings for the birds to use. 

Another important point is to be careful when you get your bushes and hedgerows cut. The best time to maintain bushes and hedgerows is early March. This will ensure that everything’s in pristine condition before the nesting season starts. 

At Shed Grounds, we won’t perform any hedge cutting from April right the way through to September, as we don’t want to disturb any birds!

Outside of these months, however, we can help you to manage your hedges, and keep them looking immaculate. We can also help you to add in stylish features which encourage wildlife to your grounds. 

So, if you’re keen to attract more birds into your grounds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can chat to you about your options, and guide you through the ways that you can transform your grounds into a thriving natural hub.