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Shed invests £20,000 in new technology assisted by grant funding from ERDF.

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We’ve been busy recently embracing new technology to support our sustained growth and our mission to continuously evolve our customer service. With the assistance of a ‘Business Investment Fund Grant’, we’ve invested £20,000 in new technology to streamline our systems and operations.

The fund aims to support businesses to ‘step-change’ their existing offer by introducing new systems or equipment, software or consultancy to grow their business, improve performance and increase productivity.

The new software will assist us in many ways:

·     Enhanced communication – with our clients and our team who will have access to their own portal.

·      Real-time information.

·     Centralising our data on one system.

·      Improved efficiency in job planning, job scheduling and job completion.

·     Better service delivery – helping us to keep track on ensuring we deliver when we say we will.

·    Reducing our impact on the Environment – reduced paper and ink, improved journey planning reducing fuel usage and unnecessary travel, and clearer measurement and control of chemical usage all help us to lower our negative impact further.

The system is currently being installed and bedded in. We look forward to telling our clients more about it in the near future.

The Business Investment Fund is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.(ERDF)