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Shed kicks off to a remarkable start for 2024/25, securing over 20 new contracts in April alone!

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Our team have had a lively start to our new fiscal year, securing over 20 new contracts starting in just April alone. Some of the sites awarded are from our existing clients such as Workman and Scania, whilst we have also welcomed many fresh faces to our business including TWI Technology Centre and the Peak Edge Academy Trust.

This influx of new sites speaks volumes about the quality of the service we provide and the trust our clients place in us. It also highlights the breadth of commercial sites we service. Within the 20 new sites we have taken on a full range of profiles, including schools to retail parks, distribution centres, Universities, Parish Councils and beyond. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum, ensuring that all needs are met with excellence.

TWI Technology Centre

We have recently acquired a new contract with TWI Technology Centre (pictured above). This particular site is located in Rotherham, not too far from our main depot in Alfreton. TWI are a leading professional engineering institution, responsible for the registration and certification of welding and joining personnel. We look forward to maintaining this manufacturing site throughout the year, making sure their green spaces are well kept.

We are delighted with this exceptional start to 2024, and look forward to embracing new challenges in the year ahead. At Shed we have built a strong reputation for delivering reliable and top-quality ground maintenance services. This exceptional track record, combined with our commitment to excellence, has played a fundamental role in securing these new contracts. 

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