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Parish Council agrees contract Renewal for 2020/21

Uncategorized | April 15, 2020

Shed Grounds Maintenance are delighted to retain contract with North Ferriby Council for 2020/21. Client retention is something we are proud of at Shed and to develop and maintain strong working relationships is something we value greatly. Having started working with North Ferriby Parish Council in April 2019, we are delighted to have been appointed […]

Japanese Knotweed

Cases of More Invasive Strain of Japanese Knotweed are on the Rise

Blog | September 15, 2019

Although the hybrid of Japanese Knotweed, known as Hybrid Knotweed or Bohemian Knotweed, has been known about for a while now, cases of the weed spreading are said to be on the rise. The plant is created through the cross fertilisation of the common Japanese Knotweed and Giant Knotweed, and is said to be more […]

Bird Nesting Season

End of the Nesting Season

Blog | September 6, 2019

The beginning of September means that the Bird Nesting Season is officially over, having run from March to August 31st. As a grounds maintenance contractor, we like to ensure we are fully aware of key seasons in which the wildlife found in the areas we operate may be nesting, so we can accommodate and adapt […]


How to Maintain Your Lawn During Winter

Blog | December 9, 2018

As winter advances and the cold and long nights start to take hold, there are a few tasks which you can undertake to protect your lawn during these months of cold weather. Your Lawn and Frosts The first thing to watch for is the frosts. You can damage your lawn if you walk on the […]


How To Protect Your Garden Against Heatwaves

Blog | August 22, 2018

As planet Earth continues to warm and weather conditions are gradually becoming more extreme, facing heatwaves is becoming increasing common. This means grounds maintenance staff and gardeners alike are facing challenges to keep trees, lawns, shrubs and other ornamentals healthily during these periods of excessive heat and sunlight. Here are some tips to help protect […]

cut your grass

Shed’s Grass Cutting Guide

Blog | May 6, 2018

The sun has finally started to come out on a consistent basis and it’s time for you to fire up your lawn mower (if you haven’t already) and start to cut your grass. But before you start it may be worth reading this guide first, as mowing your lawn might not be as simple as […]

Winter Care For Shrubs and Trees

A Guide To Winter Care For Shrubs and Trees

Blog | February 13, 2018

  Winter Care for Shrubs and Trees We might think trees and shrubs are the toughest of our outdoor plants but the harsh winter weather we have seen over the recent weeks can take its toll on these plants, especially those that have been recently planted. Fortunately, it is easy to protect lot of the […]

Clear Up Leaves

How to Clear Up Leaves – A Beginner’s Guide

Blog | December 23, 2017

One of biggest questions once Autumn passes is what to do with that hefty deposit of leaves all over the lawn and what is the best way to clear up leaves? Leaf clearing is not a chore most gardeners or operatives look forward to. Just as you gather them together in a nice big pile, […]

outsource winter gritting

5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Outsource Winter Gritting

Blog | November 3, 2017

Many companies attempt to take on the task of gritting their own premises themselves until it becomes clear that it may not be as simple as first thought. Here’s five great reasons why you should always outsource winter gritting to an approved contractor. Get better value for money When businesses look at taking their winter […]

Trim Your Hedge

When and How to Trim Your Hedge – A Simple Guide

Blog | September 8, 2017

Hedges can be made from a wide variety of trees and shrubs, from Conifers to broad-leaved Beech, most gardens contain at least one. We are often asked ‚’When do you trim your hedge?’ Well, just as you would choose when to prune your trees and shrubs, there is also a best time to trim a […]