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Celebrating Mark’s 5-Years of Excellence

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We are delighted to share a heart-warming milestone with all of you – our Senior Foreman, Mark Hanson, has reached a remarkable 5 years of service with us at Shed! It’s with great pride that we celebrate this and recognise Mark’s contributions to our team.

Mark’s journey has landed him as an integral part of our team. He has shown his hard-working ethic over the many years which has led him to a senior role within Shed, gaining more responsibility, and proving his worth to this.

Mark has been overseeing our recent apprentice, showing him all there is to know about grounds maintenance and transferring his depth of knowledge.

In honour of his outstanding service and dedication, our Managing Director, Peter Botham had the pleasure of presenting Mark with a well-deserved certificate of appreciation and a trophy.

Mark embodies the visions of Shed, and we are excited to see him continue his career with us for many more years to come…

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